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Short knit jacket

Valse 87056-751

Inspired by the iconic models of great French couturiers, a jacket that has become a must-have in women's wardrobes year after year. A piece that embodies timeless elegance with its edge-to-edge front, devoid of buttons. Featuring long sleeves and low patch pockets , this piece combines functionality and sophistication.


The stitched neckline brings an exceptional finish to this jacket, sophistication also carried by the very modern cut of this piece.


Carefully crafted in our workshops in Roanne, France , this jacket reflects our commitment to quality and French craftsmanship. It embodies the perfect alliance between timeless chic and local manufacturing, offering a piece that is both elegant and versatile for various occasions.


Colour: White
  • 42% Cotton, 41% Polyacrylic, 10% Viscose, 4% Polyester, 1% Acrylic, 1% Nylon, 1% Polyamide

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